How to add a Facebook ‘like’ box to your WordPress Website

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Do you ‘like’ the idea of growing your Facebook Page straight from your website? Integrating your different marketing communication channels is crucial in growing a loyal community. This includes both your online and offline efforts. Today, we’re going to focus on one small part of that integration by showing you how to add Facebook plugins […]

How to Turn Connections into Clients on Twitter [Hangout]

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Twitter is one of the most valuable social networks when it comes to growing your business. Unlike other media platforms, it is truly social. You can connect and engage with almost any user regardless of who they are. Yes, this does include celebrity figures and influences in your field but more importantly it includes your […]

6 Ways You Can Use LinkedIn To Generate A Ton More Business

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Do you use LinkedIn for Business?     LinkedIn is often the forgotten social network. While businesses focus all their effort on Facebook and Twitter, many deem LinkedIn as the professional resume holder that doesn’t do much else. This is False! When used correctly, LinkedIn can be the hidden gem of all social networks especially […]

Content Curation Versus Content Aggregation

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Ever wondered exactly what type of content you should be sharing on social media?     Fact! We now create more content in 48 hours than all of the content created between the beginning of time and 2003*. Mind Blown For business owners, this puts a huge pressure on us to create content as part of […]

How To Build A Targeted Following On Twitter in 6 Simple Steps

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Want more Twitter followers?     More followers is a common goal for most of us using social media as a key marketing communication channel for our business.  After all, the best way to generate customer retention and long term strategic growth is to build a targeted community. That is, a targeted community that trusts and believes […]

Dealing with Negative Feedback {CASE STUDY}

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Be Nice or Pay Up: Union Street Boutique Mess Up! A case study in how to handle negative feedback.   Picture this. You have been dreaming about this very moment your whole life. You’ve probably had it planned since the age of 10 and it’s finally here. You are about to get married! What better […]

{NEWS} Facebook Bans Incentivised Likes

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What’s the deal? Facebook has banned incentivised likes on your Facebook Page. This specifically refers to those created via third party apps. The goal is to clamp down on those individuals looking to rig Facebook algorithms and boost their Likes through the offer of a potential reward for a click of that like button. What does […]

Pinterest Introduces New Messenger App {Opportunities Here!}

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Pinterest is all about the social shopping network. It is one of the fastest growing social networks boasting a huge 70 MILLION users. That is, users that are 10% more likely to convert into a sale than those on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. Targeting the 20-55 year old high spending females of […]

5 Steps Non-Profits Can Take To Build Brand Awareness on Social Media


  Who This Post Is For: Non- Profit / For- Purpose Campaigners and Organisations Social media is great for building brand awareness. These are low cost platforms that can be run on your time availability and really allow you to share your message with the right people. However, if you are a non-profit or for-purpose […]

Social Media: Why You Need A Personality

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Who This Post Is For: Small businesses looking to enhance their social media personality Did you know it takes an average of 10 customer touch points to convert a sale ?* No wonder we’re all so busy Luckily, social media makes that process a lot easier. Social media provides a HUGE opportunity to build strong relationships with […]